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Upcoming exhibition


Opening Reception
Saturday, June 1st
1:00 - 5:30 PM

Paul Kyle Gallery is proud to present CHARLOTTE WALL: REVEAL, Wall’s work transcends the ordinary boundaries of sculpture and installation, the gallery space is in its entirety a narrative of her life and spirit, and a provocatively significant artistic language that is fearlessly enduring with an ephemeral and intimate feminine touch.

Charlotte Wall's narrative is intricately entwined with her early life experiences, characterized by the nurturing dynamics of family interactions. At the heart of her childhood was a large, round oak table -- a symbol not merely of familial unity but of the discourse that permeated her early existence, and formed her perspectives on communication, conflict resolution, and creativity. Wall’s works are a direct extension of her lifelong interrogation of communication, they stand as physical manifestations of her desire to foster open, two-way dialogues, inviting the viewer into a participatory experience.

Central to Wall’s artistic practice is the materiality of her work. She employs a diverse range of materials, each chosen for its inherent physical and symbolic qualities, to construct narratives that are open to interpretation. Wall’s work is a dialogue of materials, where cloth, yarn, wood, metal, salt, and paint come together in a deliberate juxtaposition that challenges the viewers to explore their interrelationships and to construct their own languages and meanings. These works are not passive, they are created as inhabitable spaces that invite viewers to interpret and interact, allowing for multi-faceted engagements that transcend the limitation of traditional art viewing.

Charlotte Wall often reflects on the idea that “what the artist sees is often more important than what they make”, a statement that she faithfully abides by in her creation, and one that highlights the subjective nature of art and the importance of the viewer’s role in completing the artistic cycle. Her works prompt questions rather than supplying answers, often inviting a narrative that is unique to each viewer.

Her works not merely exist as artistic entities but function as catalysts for conversation and introspection, challenging entrenched narratives and fostering a deeper engagement with the questions they pose. Within the context of contemporary Canadian art, Wall’s work is distinguished by its advocacy for inclusivity, dialogue, and the transformative power of art to bridge the divide between the observable and the concealed, the speaker and the listener, the artist and the viewer. Her legacy is imbued with a spirit of humility, openness, engagement, and an indefatigable quest for the interstitial spaces where authentic dialogue flourishes. In Charlotte Wall’s universe, art is not just seen; it is experienced, lived, and continually redefined.

"I grew up around a table. Truly. It was a large, round oak table. It was in the kitchen. There was a living room, bedrooms, a bathroom in the house, but for the most part and perhaps even overwhelmingly, we gathered, ate, lived, spoke, engaged, arrived and became present to ourselves and to each other at that table."

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