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Opening Reception: Saturday, April 20th, 2024
Exhibition Dates: April 20th to May 18th, 2024

Paul Kyle Gallery is proud to present “Duets”, an exhibition of new works from celebrated photographer James O’Mara and the launch of his newly published book of the same title.

"Duets" extends beyond mere diptychs, representing a lifetime of visual diaries that have been revisited, reinvented, and reborn. O’Mara’s “Duets” are not just photographs, but rather graphic conversations between times, places, societies. With each pair, he places value on creating compositions that revel in the dialogue of texture, line, and form. This exhibition invites viewers to appreciate the absurd and the orderly, the organic and the constructed, all coming together in a harmonious visual duet. The integration of unrelated images echoes the essence of Rauschenberg's combine works and his ROCI project, celebrating the unity and dialogue between diverse cultures and people.

The creation of “Duets” is a delicate balance of an aesthetic decision. By carefully selecting and combining images, O’Mara emphasizes the importance of difference and context. The resulting pieces are stories told in tandem—a tree's bark mirrored in the stripes of a regal attire, the geometric interplay of concrete architecture with the minimalist purity of white space, and the overlay of vibrant human features with urban decay.

O'Mara's "Duets" captures the synchronicity of unrelated moments, merging them into a single narrative frame that invites the viewer into a deeper contemplation of space, time, and relationship. Through his lens, the mundane is re-envisioned, granting audiences a transcendent experience that surpasses the confines of conventional photography.

This exhibition is a landmark in O'Mara's accomplished career, and a celebration of the essence of life, captured through the lens of a photographer with the soul of a poet. With "Duets," O'Mara crafts a visual lexicon that narrates stories beyond the captured moment, and it invites us to reflect on the interconnectivity of our global community, a poignant reminder of our shared humanity in times where experiences are universally accessible yet deeply personal.


James O’Mara developed his career in the documentary film, editorial and commercial fields, working extensively in fashion, music, portraiture, wine, dance, and travel, with a diverse spectrum of high-profile clients, frequently featured in Rolling Stone, Vogue, the New York Times, GQ, Vanity Fair, and Mojo. His work is consistently recognized and awarded and appears in global publications and advertising campaigns. His photography and graphic design are recognized by the New York Art Director’s, Communication Arts, the Grammy’s, Applied Arts and Graphis. As a photographic artist, he exhibits in Canada, UK, Italy, and China, and is collected internationally. O’Mara’s last publication and exhibition “Encounters” showcased James O'Mara's career spanning fifty years, capturing iconic rock stars and candid moments across his favoured cities. This collection emphasizes the dynamism and ephemeral nature of life through his photographic lens.

For more information and interviews, please contact the gallery at +1-604-620-0049, or email

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11:30 AM – 5:30 PM or by appointment anytime.

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