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The exhibition showcases a remarkable collection, including a prominent large-scale work by Sorel Etrog, Canada's foremost artist celebrated for his monumental bronze sculptures. It also presents a unique "drip" painting by Maxwell Bates from Clement Greenberg's collection. Featured as well is a piece by Canadian artist David Spriggs, renowned for his expansive, immersive installations crafted using the stratachrome technique, which delve into themes of power, perception, and transient human experiences. Supporting the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, the exhibition highlights a Patrik Hughes painting generously donated to the foundation. Additionally, this event marks the launch of the 25th annual BC Children’s Hospital Foundation For Children We Care Gala, furthering its commitment to pediatric healthcare excellence.

Featuring works by:

Maxwell Bates
Sorel Etrog
Patrik Hughes
Arno Kortschot
Joseph Kyle
Ray Mead
James O’Mara
Tony Robins
Tony Scherman
Gordon Smith
David Spriggs
Robert Young

2019 - 2020 Winter Group Exhibition

Group Show

December 21, 2019 - March 7, 2020

2019 - 2020 Winter Group Exhibition

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