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David Spriggs presents “Dimensionalism,” an awe-inspiring exhibition that transcends the boundaries of painting and sculpture. Originally from the United Kingdom and currently based on Vancouver Island, Canada, Spriggs is known for his groundbreaking art that blurs the lines between dimensions, inviting viewers to explore the interstitial art of Dimensionalism.

Spriggs’ artistic journey began in 1999 when he created a pioneering technique, involving layering transparencies in space and painting on them, creating a visual language that bridges the gap between the tangible and the ethereal. Dimensionalism describes an art that revels in the interstitial space between dimensions. Dimensionalism springs forth from the notion that reality is a complex composition of layers that weave and intersect, rather than being confined to a single plane.

Spriggs’ artwork is an exploration of space, colour symbolism, power, movement, and perception. As visitors navigate the exhibition, they will encounter a symphony of layered, transparent imagery that unite into vibrant, abstract, and almost otherworldly forms. These immaterial forms overcome the limitations of a single plane, forming a complex tapestry of interconnected images perceived by the mind as a unified cohesive whole. Navigating this intricately layered space, dimensions blur and converge, and each artwork appears distinct from every viewpoint.

A fundamental element of “Dimensionalism” and all of David Spriggs’ art is transparency, which transcends mere translucency to become the very language of the immaterial. Throughout the exhibition, transparency serves as a bridge between the tangible and the ethereal, enriching the viewer’s experience with a profound connection to the intangible.

Within the “Dimensionalism” exhibition, smaller artworks delve into the symbolic interplay of black and white, illuminating the nuanced themes of duality and power dynamics. These contrasting colours convey multifaceted meanings, such as the establishment of hierarchy and the exploration of dichotomy, casting light on the intricate interdependence between these elements.

Meanwhile, the centerpiece of this captivating exhibition, “Paradox of Power,” offers a profound exploration of the age-old symbol of power—the bull. In this intriguing piece, the bull is visually bisected, one side ablaze in vibrant red, the other adorned in striking blue. A twist of artistic ingenuity flips the bull upside down, introducing an additional layer of complexity and symbolism. This juxtaposition of powerful, contrasting colors within this iconic symbol stands as a vivid representation of the duality inherent in the concept of power.

Spriggs’ creative process begins with the pursuit of visually captivating and thought-provoking ideas. He explores multiple meanings and interpretations of a subject represented in a unique manner. His inspiration springs from an eclectic range of sources, encompassing art history, philosophy, and science. These influences inform the deeper conceptual layers of his art, delving into themes of power, perception, and form.


David Spriggs is currently based on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. He was born in 1978 in Manchester, England, and immigrated to Canada in 1992. He received his Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University, Montreal, and his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University in Vancouver. He undertook student residencies at Central St. Martin’s College of Art in London, England (1999) and the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany (2006).

Spriggs has exhibited his work internationally at various galleries, museums, and biennales, including: Oku-Noto Triennale Japan, Sharjah Biennale UAE, Noor Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Chroniques Biennale Marseille France, Musée de La Poste Paris France, Powerlong Museum Shanghai China, Times Art Museum Beijing and Chengdu China, 5th International Digital Art Biennial Montreal Canada, the Prague Biennial 5 Czech Republic, the Louis Vuitton Gallery Macau, amongst others.

His work can be found in many private and prestigious public collections such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec, and on permanent display in the lobbies of high-profile hotels and public buildings such as the Las Vegas Conrad and Hilton in Resorts World, Shanghai C-Future City, Hyatt Centric Hong Kong, and the Queens Marque Halifax. Spriggs’ artwork ‘Red Gravity’ was used for the cover art of Peter Gabriel’s song ‘Panopticom’.

Coinciding with his current exhibition ’Dimensionalism’, Spriggs' work will be featured in the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris in a major exhibition dedicated to Iris van Herpen.

David Spriggs: Dimensionalism

David Spriggs

November 18, 2023 - January 20, 2024

David Spriggs: Dimensionalism

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