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“Synthesis” creates a poetic lens on the exploration of the immaterial tendencies in art. For some of our artists, the use of material was determined purely by the formal demands of the construction of the artwork, and these artists create spatial discourse through visual material. Underlying these works is a design that belies the sometimes impermanence of their chosen material, and a reference to form, boundary, and time, which becomes influential factors that affect the ephemeral practice in art.

Featuring works by:

Zarina Bhimji
Michael Bjornson
Raymond Clements
Willem deKooning
Thom Mayne
Daniel Mullen
Robert Kelly
Arno Kortschot
Joseph Kyle
Tony Robins
Tony Scherman
David Spriggs
Charlotte Wall

Also included in this exhibition are two new artists that we are pleased to introduce to our gallery: Los Angeles based Pritzker Prize and AIA Gold Medal award winning architect Thom Mayne, and respected and accomplished Vancouver based artist, architect, and former gallerist Michael Bjornson.

Group Exhibition: Synthesis: Immaterial Tendencies in Art

Group Show

April 30 - October 8, 2022

Group Exhibition: Synthesis: Immaterial Tendencies in Art

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