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Paul Kyle Gallery is pleased to announce Reshaping Silence, an odyssey celebrating the talents of two Iranian female artists, Marzieh A. Fakhr and Mahdieh Raeisi. The history of art in Iran is a tale of resilience and transformation, rooted in centuries of cultural exchange and artistic exploration. It is a narrative that has seen the fusion of indigenous Iranian traditions with global influences, resulting in a unique and significant artistic heritage. This exhibition unfolds as a poetic embodiment of the timeless creative spirit, transcending political narratives, dissolving cultural divides, and defying geographic boundaries.

Within this artistic narrative, Marzieh A. Fakhr, a distinguished Iranian artist, unveils her latest paintings from the "159 square meters for comfort" series. Fakhr's paintings are intense visceral examinations of human nature and the body, and ride a thin line between the fusion of Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon, a unification of beauty, eroticism, and the grotesque. The works ring true to poet W.H. Auden's letter to Lord Byron: "To me Art's subject is the human clay/And landscape but a background to a torso..." A poetic yet disenchanted statement that rewrites the incidental pleasure to an otherwise romantic disposition for the figures that grace her canvas. Fakhr's work focuses on the textural difference of skin and fabric, unveiling the intrinsic beauty of fabric, particularly sheets, as vessels of comfort, peace, and the potential for introspection. Transcending the ordinary, her unwavering devotion to materials underscores their paramount role in shaping our experiences and fulfilling our deepest desires.

Rising Iranian artist Mahdieh Raeisi presents her recent project, a series of bell sculptures, as a testament to the cultural significance of bells in Iran, drawing inspiration from a legacy that spans generations. Her bell sculptures beautifully encapsulate the essence of victory, championship, and reverence deeply ingrained in Iranian culture and ritual. Raiesi's exploration extends to the Zoorkhaneh, translated to "House of Strength," the traditional Iranian gymnasium where bells symbolize respect and honour for male athletes, creating a visual dialogue between the past and present, echoing, reinterpreting, and challenging the heritage of Iranian culture.

Together, these two artists converge as a testament to the transcendental power inherent in art. Their collective body of work rises above the confines of artistic boundaries and emerges as a poignant celebration of Iran's dynamic and stories legacy while giving voice to those provoking shift in traditions.


Marzieh A. Fakhr is an Iranian contemporary artist born in 1981. Her oil paintings centre on themes of sensuality and the provocative elements of human nature and the physical body. Each brushstroke deftly conveys these ideas by the manipulation of materials intricately woven into the details of her work, whether it be fabric fragments or human artefacts, illuminating our dependence on these objects to satiate our fleshly desires. Her works has gained international recognition and has been showcased in exhibitions in Iran, Italy, and Hungary.

Mahdieh Raeisi was born in 1986 and graduated with a BA in Sculpture from the University of Art Tehran, and obtained her Masters of Fine Arts in Animation (MFA) from the University of Sorah in Tehran. Raeisi explores the history, tradition, and ritual of Iran, initiating thought-provoking conversations about the socio-historical norms of the culture. Her works have been prominently featured in numerous exhibitions and festivals internationally, most recently at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

Marzieh Fahkr and Mahdieh Raeisi: Reshaping Silence

Marzieh Fahkr & Mahdieh Raeisi

October 7 - November 4, 2023

Marzieh Fahkr and Mahdieh Raeisi: Reshaping Silence

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