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Vancouver based internationally well-known architect and writer Tony Robins, recipient of the prestigious Prix de Rome and Western Living’s “Architect of the Year”, has gained international recognition for his creative ventures. Tony’s body of art can be viewed as an extension not only of his architecture, but also his passion towards investigation in screenwriting, fiction and art. His works, often minimalist, portray poignant psychological and historical juncture, paralleled with monumental contextual significance.

Tony’s exhibition Transmediation, opens at Elan Fine Art on September 29th. Transmediation is the process of translating a work into a different medium, revealing new significance, reception, and meaning brought to light by this unexpected narrative process.

Inspired by his experience with Ad Reinhardt’s black paintings, Tony explores the purity and captivating nature of black, taking advantage of the void and stillness to create many of his works that examine the duality of stasis and motion, desolation and saturation, artificial and natural. In other works, Tony’s investigation often delves into historical writings, his narrative approach revealing the delicate essence of the ethereal and constant, of camouflage, and the formation and deformation of integrity in a materialistic, psychological, and sociohistorical context. Tony’s works are innovative yet familiar, and place him alongside a number of important contemporary artists for his bold referential approach to everything from art history, literature, and cinema, to psychoanalysis.

Tony Robins: Transmediation

Tony Robins

September 29 - November 24, 2018

Tony Robins: Transmediation

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