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Vancouver-based artist Charlotte Wall has been involved in exhibition and public projects since 1999. She is expressive in execution of art forms, not limited to one medium or format, and is always openly exploring and pushing the limit of her art practice.

Wall has the spirit and soul of an artist, from an early age, it was the big round table at the heart of her home that she found solace in, gathering, engaging and communicating actively with her family, a place where she expressed herself and arrived at the person that she is today. She rejects tightly confining narratives and are always creating works that are interactive and interpretive, and most of all, elegant, present, and engaging. Wall states that: "I aim to invite individuals to enter a carefully configured yet inhabitable space, beyond the frailties of the verbal language; one that acts as a space and a vehicle for different perspectives. Through a deliberate juxtaposition of materials with specific qualities, the participant is encouraged to interpret the inter-relationships without prescribing a fixed emotional or intellectual direction. This allows the participants to define and form their own narrative from the experience."

Wall entered Emily Carr University as a mature student. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr and studied education, music, literature, multi-cultural art practices and commercial design. Charlotte Wall's large public projects are located throughout Vancouver, and her works are in many important corporate and private collections.

Charlotte Wall

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