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Often his images are extraordinarily beautiful, but never merely so. Anchored in a warm sense of humanity, their own and the photographer’s, they afford glimpses of life as seen through a more informed eye, a more lyrical reading of the play of light.

– Bill Gibson writing about James O’Mara

James O’Mara developed his career in the documentary, editorial, and commercial fields, working in fashion, music and travel, his works frequently appear in international publications and advertising campaigns. As a photographic artist, he exhibits in Canada, UK, and Italy. In his most recent publication Encounters, O’Mara showcases works within a fifty year span: from portraits of rock stars to tender moments of everyday life in his beloved cities of Vancouver, Los Angeles, Paris, and Florence. O’Mara’s portrayal of life is sensitive, raw, and warm. He treats each colour and texture with care, creating works of extraordinary delicacy and energy, with grace and radiance.

James O'Mara

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