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Canadian artist Jim McGrath, attended and later taught at the Victoria College of Art. A close friend of Joseph Kyle, McGrath's works have a distinct quality about them where form and beauty often collide offering intimate viewer engagement.

Many years ago, McGrath vowed to create a series of one-thousand paintings, which he accomplished in no less than three years. Each captivating and mysterious, and not one "dud" among them, according to Paul Kyle, tells a compelling story and draws viewers into a world full of tantalizing textures and colours. Though these are mixed media paintings on paper, ranging from 8.5 x 6.5 in. to 10 x 7 in., they contain personality that exudes beyond the confines of paper.

The series of works is often exhibited in a pair or groups up to four or five to increate immediate visual impact, however, the works also afford the luxury of intimate viewing as stand-alone creations. McGrath continues to live and work in Victoria, B.C.

Jim McGrath

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