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Raymond Clements started painting at a very young age, and while working for other artists early in his life, he realized that he had something to contribute as an artist, and decided to enroll in the Victoria College of Art. At the college Joseph Kyle played an instrumental role in supporting Clements' artistic vision and style. Though making such commitment to a vision was intimidating in the initial stages of discovery, it became a truly fulfilling journey for Clements as an artist.

"Since graduating from the Victoria College of Art in 1988, the majority of my artwork has been evolving through the act of gestural mark-making. By working in series, I have established my own dialogue. When considering the space of the canvas, randomness through repetition becomes order. Each piece and every part of that piece is like a hologram of the entire idea, a quest for coherence. I feel that through the use of colour, the presence of light becomes an expression of depth and integrity in my work."

Raymond Clements' works are in numerous private collections internationally and throughout Canada.

Raymond Clements

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