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Ignacio Iturria

"People say I paint the human condition, but what I paint is a place's psychological state, and that's why I need to be here".

Artist Ignacio Iturria was born on April 1st, 1946, in Montevideo, Uruguay. Iturria's works seek to depict the human figure in new and imaginative ways and are lavished with browns and deep earth tones which extract the murky waters of Rio de la Platas River and the southern Atlantic ocean. Iturria creates expressive images, combining representational techniques with surrealism, depicting disproportionally large domestic spaces and fixtures with small toy-like figures inhabiting these spaces. "His most vivid memories are of a Montevideo childhood playing with small toys on the make-shift faux 'urban landscapes' of household furniture in his parents' home. The expansive Uruguayan landscape and Rio de la Plata River are a universal parallel to his miniature living-room playground that Iturria likens to the remoteness of living on an island".

In 1977 he married and moved to a small town on the Mediterranean coast filled with artists. He later returned to Uruguay in 1984 where he began to exhibit in Punta del Este and additional countries such as Latin America, United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. In 1988 Iturria was one of the many fifteen artists chosen by the Fund of Artists Colonies of New York in which he partook in a three-month long process, that would later lead his 2004 project “Casablanca art in action”. In 1955 Iturria won a major prize at the XLVI museum of Americas of Art. In the year 1998 a big solo exhibition of his work in the Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, which had later took place at the Rufino Tamayo Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City, as well as the Museum of Monterrey in Mexico. In April 2006 he later returned to Spain where he spent three years painting, and later established the Ignacio foundation.

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