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Joe Fafard

"I try things, rather than just repeating the thing that has already proven successful. I take the attitude that I’m like a scientist who wants to experiment and discover things and dig out the truth".

Born in 1942, nationally and internationally acclaimed artist Joe Fafard was a distinguished sculptor and educator whose works embodied his lifelong relationship with the Canadian prairies.

As one of Canada's leading visual artists, Fafard participated in exhibitions across the country and around the world. Having been widely recognized as being a pioneer of his craft, Fafard contributed a great deal to not only the art scene world-wide but also served as one of the main contributors to raise awareness of art, both from the prairies and Canada, on an international stage.

Fafard received numerous awards throughout his illustrious career including the Order of Canada in 1981, the Architectural Institute of Canada Allied Arts Award in 1987, the Saskatchewan Order of Merit in 2002, the National Prix Montfort in 2003 and the Lieutenant Governor's Saskatchewan Arts Board Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007, among others. Fafard passed away in 2019.

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